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This Debew Privacy Statement discloses the information privacy practices for Debew web site,

Debew has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and security. This document describes Debews’ practices with respect to the collection of user information from this Web site. This document only applies to the Debew site We have taken extra steps to make sure your online shopping experience is the best and is safe and secure.
As a visitor to Debews’ web site,, you have the right to understand our information privacy practices prior to providing Debew with any of your personal information (Personal information includes information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address).

By providing you with this Privacy Statement, Debew is pledging our continued commitment to protecting the information you provide to us. Debew regularly examines our information privacy practices to determine whether we are adhering to the disclosures about the collection, use, sharing, and protection of your personal information made in this privacy statement.


Debew does not knowingly collect information provided by children under the age of 18. If that policy changes, Debew will obtain consent from a parent or guardian before Debew knowingly collects data from anyone under the age of 18.


Debew collects personal information about you that you specifically and voluntarily provide. Personal information includes information that can identify you as a specific individual, such as your name, mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address. Although you are required to register at Debew in order to purchase, your personal information is needed in order to process and fulfill your order requests. Many areas of Debew can be accessed without providing any personal information. On all Debew pages that collect personal information, we specifically describe what information is required in order to provide you with the product or service you have requested.

Debew collects personal information when you:
Register at Debew
o Debew collects your e-mail address and password when you register at our web site.
• Complete user profile information
o Debew collects the full name, address, city, state/province, zip, country, e-mail address, shipping information and credit card information. This information is stored in the My Account area of Debew.
• Purchase merchandise
o Debew collects the billing address of the debit or credit card that is used to make a purchase. We will also collect debit and credit card information, including card number, card type, cardholder name, and expiration date, in order to bill you for your purchases through Debew
• Participate in a survey or contests
• Contact Debew
o Debew collects personal information such as your full name, zip code, e-mail address, and/or contact number whenever you submit a question or suggestion, or request assistance with viewing your account, logging on to Debew, or accessing your account.


information about your computer and assign you “cookies” (small, unique identifier text files) when you visit Debew. You do not provide this information—it is collected automatically as a means of supporting your visit to our site. Cookies do not contain any personal information. This anonymous information may be used by our marketing partner to deliver advertisements for products and services tailored to your interests on this site or other sites that you visit.

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies but provide features that enable you to be notified when a cookie is to be placed on your browser, decline the cookie, or delete cookies that have been placed on your browser. Most mobile operating systems also provide you an option in the device settings to limit ad tracking associated with your device id. You may also check your web browser’s instructions, help files or privacy documentation for further information. You should be aware, however, that some functions of our website or application may not work or may work slowly if a cookie is refused. This Debew cookie may be used to provide enhanced online display advertising tailored to your interests. When you access the My Account area of the Debew web site, Debew requires you to sign in using your e-mail address and password. Once you sign in we record the e-mail address in the cookie file on your computer. We may also record your password in this cookie file. Permanent cookie files remain on your computer’s hard drive until you manually delete the file.


Debew uses remarketing programs allowing us to reach people who previously visited the website, and match those people with the appropriate message. If you want to opt out of the display of our online advertising, which appears on other Web sites, and which is based on online interactions with, then please click the preference icon that may appear on such advertising.

Debew collects certain technical information from your computer each time you request a page during a visit to Debew. This information is collected from your computer’s web browser and may include your IP address, operating system, web browser software (i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), screen resolution, and referrer web site. Wireless users: Please check with your wireless company if you are using your cellular phone to access the Internet to understand whether personal information may be used to identify you.


Debew may also disclose information against someone who poses a threat to Debew’ interests (such as customer fraud) or whose activities could bring harm to others.


There are several places throughout Debew that may link you to other web sites that do not operate under Debew’s information privacy practices. When you click through to these web sites, Debew’ information privacy practices no longer apply. We recommend that you examine the privacy statements for all third party web sites to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your information.


Debew believes that site visitors should have control over the collection and use of their personal information. You have access to your information in the following areas of Debew:


The My Account page on Debew allows registered visitors to view and change their account settings. The e-mail settings option lets you change your e-mail address. You can change your shipping information from your account profile; update your name, phone numbers, and credit card information associated with your profile.


You will receive communications from Debew when you:
• Request a forgotten password on your account
o When you request your password, we will send your password via e-mail. All you need to enter is your e-mail address.
• Make a purchase
o Each time you make a purchase through Debew you will receive confirmation of your new purchase via e-mail.
• Elect to receive special promotional marketing communications
o When registered at Debew, you will occasionally receive opt-in e-mails notifying you of special promotions, if you sign up for this service. Special promotional e-mails are intended to inform you of new or special deals that are available on Debew.
• Contact Debew with questions/suggestions
o When you request assistance with viewing your account, logging on to the Debew web site, or accessing your account, we will respond to you via e-mail or telephone.


We want our site visitors to feel confident about using Debew to make a purchase, so we are committed to protecting the information we collect. Debew has implemented a security program to keep information that is stored in our systems protected from unauthorized access. Currently, Debew only stores the information you provide when registering at Debew.

Our systems are configured with data encryption, or scrambling, technologies, and industry-standard firewalls. When you send personal information to Debew over the Internet, your data is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure safe transmission.

To verify the security of our site, look at our URL in your browser window. The letter “s” added to the “http” indicates that SSL is in effect. In your internet browsers, a closed padlock appears in the corner when you are in secure mode. Also, in many cases, your browser will warn you if you are about to send information via a site that is not secure.


Debew reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. If there are material changes to this statement or in how Debew will use your personal information, Debew will prominently post such changes prior to implementing the change.

Regardless of later updates, we will abide by the information privacy practices described in the Privacy Statement posted at the time you provided us with your information.